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The Beginning  

As usual, the first thing Charlie did when he got home from school was plop down on the couch and grab the remote.  Ever since he was a little tad pole he couldn't get enough TV.  Yes, Charlie is a frog.  His parents are frogs, his sisters frogs, and sure enough, his little brother is a frog.

The wind outside was howling and he had to keep turning up the volume so he could hear his show.  Suddenly there was a flash of lightning that lit up the entire room.  The thunderous roar sounded like a freight train was bearing down on the old home.  Then the old oak came crashing down into the house.

For a moment, Charlie lay there stunned and unsure of what just happened.  Carefully he got to his feet and made his way over to the Oak that occupied the space where the TV had been.  The outside wall on two corners of the house had been ripped open.  As he drew closer he could make out a small and narrow staircase inside the wall that appeared to disappear somewhere underground parallel to the basement. 

Charlie couldn't resist.  He slowly began to make his way down the stairs.  As he got to the bottom he found a dark chamber that he had never known was there.  He was sure his parents didn't know about it either.  Where the small corridor met the chamber there was a light switch on the wall.  As Charlie flipped the switch his eyes got bigger and his mouth gaped open in awe.

Laid out in front of him was a room no bigger than his parents' bedroom with a lit glass case in the middle.  In the case was well protected black mask with holes for eyes.  Though there were other things to see in the room, Charlie was drawn to the mask.  He carefully lifted the lid off the glass case and took the mask into his hands.  He stared at the mask for a moment not sure of its significance.  Then...  He put it on and the rest was just a blur.  In a flash Charlie was surrounded by swirling and brilliant flashes of light.  His scrawny muscles began to to fill with power as his physiological features became augmented by components introduced from the mask.  He felt tinges of pain as he was transformed into... Bionic Frog.

Blood Horn

Meanwhile, across town a scientist named Rick Johnson was working on his latest chemistry experiment. Rick was very intelligent and always breezed through his classes in school.  Amazingly none of them were difficult for him and he found himself bored much of the time.  He was also an exception to your typical smart kid.  Rick was a bully and he was mean.  He liked to pull the wings off flies and step on ants just for the fun of it.  It gave him a feeling of being bigger and more powerful than other living things.  

These things made Rick happy.  They gave him a feeling that just couldn't be explained.  In college he showed an aptitude toward Chemistry and Genetic Engineering.  Now from his own lab he was close to a breakthrough on the formula to make person "Super".  As he carefully inserted drops of the final ingredient into the beaker, the whole thing blew up in his face in a reddish gray cloud.  He stumbled to get away but had inhaled a good amount of the vapor. He felt his mind start to fade.

As he lay on the floor motionless, he too began to grow.  His skin turned red and his head and face started to deform and his teeth grew larger and sharper.  Horns began to grow out of sides of his head.  His feet became twisted and deformed leaving him with two toes in the front and one in the back all with long sharp claws protruding from them.  

As he woke he slowly remembered what had happened when he was working on the formula.  He stood up and almost fell over feeling uneasy.  He made his way to the bathroom only several feet away and stared with horror into the mirror.  The eyes staring back at him were yellow and narrow and looked like the eyes of a serpent.  He began to feel a swelling of energy from deep within and lashed out punching the steel building support along the bathroom wall and was surprised when it snapped in two.   A twisted and evil smile began to form on Rick's face as he realized that he is no longer Rick...  He is now Blood Horn.